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Love our commercials? Want to check out the latest tips and information about your rights? Thinking about handling a legal matter yourself and just needs some simple forms and pointers to get through? We love your DIY spirit! Check back frequently to get the latest. This site will be growing rapidly, as we add more videos, free forms and other items to keep you entertained and informed. 


Below you will find free forms that you can use on your own. Just keep in mind that if you download a form off this website, you are not represented by an attorney, no lawyer is advising you as to whether these will work in your situation, and you don't have anyone to go to ask questions if you get stuck. So, if you use one of these free forms, it's sort of like trying to fix your own toilet without a plumber. If you start and get up to your elbows in crap, don't go blaming the plumber you didn't hire! 

That said, here at Crossroad Legal, we love getting people out of sh#t all the time, so if it gets out of hand, call us and we will happily take over!  But we do require you to certify that you understand all of this in order to download docs. We won't sell your info, but we need to be sure you understand that grabbing a free form is not the same as hiring a lawyer. 

Simple Will (Single person with no children)
Simple Will (Married Couple with no children)
Power of Attorney for Healthcare
Power of Attorney for Property
Living Will - Advanced Directive
Small Claims Complaint
FOIA Sample.pdf
Sample FOIA Request






Free Consultations

All potential personal injury and criminal defense clients receive a 30-minute consultation free of charge. There is, however, a limited exception for jail visits. We will make a jail visit to any potential client currently in police custody within 2 hours of our office for a small travel fee. This will vary based on distance.

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