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At Crossroad Legal, we believe lawyers should be more transparent with how they charge their clients. In fact, we think it's downright absurd that attorneys try to hide their fees from the public. So, that's why we just put the numbers out there for our clients to see. No mystery, no confusion. 


We divide our fee structure into three stages of a criminal case. There is a different flat fee that applies to each stage of the case:

  • Investigation phase – This is everything that happens before a person is actually charged with a crime.
  • Pretrial phase – This is all the court, negotiations, motions, and other work that happens leading up to trial.
  • Trial phase – This is everything that happens once we demand a trial, all the way through the trial and sentencing.

Criminal Defense in Madison and St. Clair Counties

Misdemeanors & DUI $2,500 pretrial fee $2,500 trial fee
Class 3 & 4 felonies $4,000 pretrial fee $4,000 trial fee
Class 1 & 2 felonies Call for custom quote  
Sex Offenses Call for custom quote  

Criminal Defense in all other southern Illinois counties 

Misdemeanors & DUI $2,200 pretrial fee $2,200 trial fee
Class 3 & 4 felonies $3,750 pretrial fee $3,750 trial fee
Class 1 & 2 felonies Call for custom quote  
Sex Offenses Call for custom quote  


Juvenile court is where people are fighting to their most fundamental liberty – the right to raise their own children. When the State of Illinois decides that they know better than parents and they come to literally snatch children away from their parents, it's a traumatizing affair. These cases are unique, because they are civil in nature, meaning no one goes to jail. But, a prosecutor is bringing the case, the government is the key witness, and parents are treated like common criminals. Our firm charges a flat fee per stage of the case. Each fee covers all representation up to and including the next major step in the process. To continue, the client would pay the next fee.  These cases are broken down into 5-6 stages:

  • Emergency Shelter Care / Temporary Custody Hearing (Similar to a probable cause hearing) – This is done within 48 hours of taking a child into government custody. This is often the most important court appearance of the case. The question is whether there was enough evidence to justify temporarily taking the child into custody.
  • Adjudicatory hearing (Trial) – This is where the court decides if the government gets guardianship of the child.
  • Dispositional hearing – This is like a sentencing hearing. The court has already decided the child should be in government care, but now the court must decide what the goal will be (return home or adoption)
  • Permanency hearing – These are routine status appearances that give the state an opportunity to report back to the court on how things are going and progress toward the goal, whether return home or adoption. They are generally done every 6 months.
  • Termination proceedings – Once the child has been in custody over 9 months, the government can begin the process of seeking legal authority to terminate a parent's rights in order to have the child adopted by foster parents or someone else. These proceedings are very challenging, and no case should ever get this far along. Once a case reaches this point, it is extremely rare that a parent will ever get their rights back.

Charging for Juvenile Abuse & Neglect Cases

If hired to assist with parental rights cases in a southern Illinois juvenile court, our fees are staggered by the court hearing. This allows a client to decide after each court appearance whether they wish to continue working with us. Think of it like an a la carte plan. Here's how it works.

Up to and including the Shelter Care Hearing $750.00
From Shelter Care through Adjudicatory Hearing $1,500.00
From adjudicatory hearing through dispositional hearing $1,200.00
Permanency hearing fee (ala carte) $450.00
Motions (ala carte) $300.00
Attendance at Family Team Meetings $300.00
Termination Proceedings Contact for pricing


Attorneys generally handle personal injury cases by contingent fee. The typical fee is 1/3. However, depending on complexity, risk, and cost of pursuing compensation, our fee may vary slightly, as shown below. Nursing home abuse cases may vary slightly. Call for details. Here's how we do it:

  • Pre-litigation - If the case can be resolved without filing a lawsuit, the fee is just 1/3 (30% for military, veterans and healthcare workers).
  • Litigation, arbitration, or mediation - Once a lawsuit is filed, if the matter is settled through any method other than a trial, the fee is slightly increased to 35% (1/3 for military, veterans and healthcare workers).
  • Trial - If the matter is set for trial, the fee is 40%, regardless of whether the matter settles last minute or is resolved by trial (35% for military, veterans and healthcare workers).


The US Department of Veterans Affairs allows private attorneys to assist veterans with appealing disability decisions. The VA has determined that a contingent fee of 20% of the retroactive disability benefits recovered is a reasonable fee; therefore, if successful in obtaining benefits for a veteran, our fee is just 20% of the "backpay." We do not collect from our veteran clients directly. We also do not take a fee from future benefits. There are no discounts, as this is the approved VA rate. 

Discounts for Military, Veterans, First Responders, Teachers & Healthcare Workers

We offer discounts for all active and retired military, as well as honorably discharged veterans, first responders, and healthcare workers.

  • 10% discounts on all FLAT FEE services
  • See discounts above for contingent fee cases

Free Consultations

All potential personal injury and criminal defense clients receive a 30-minute consultation free of charge. There is, however, a limited exception for jail visits. We will make a jail visit to any potential client currently in police custody within 2 hours of our office for a small travel fee. This will vary based on distance.

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