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Mount Vernon Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Lawyer

From Carlyle Lake to Rend Lake, our region is one of the finest spots in southern Illinois. Located just about an hour from St. Louis, but far enough away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Mount Vernon, Centralia, and the neighboring communities can be a real small town paradise.  But for those who are aging and forced to live in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, living in these rural communities can be much different. This is because many rural nursing homes in the state simply do not take care of their residents. A nursing home abuse lawyer near you can better explain all of your rights if you or someone you love is being hurt or has suffered injuries in a nursing home.

Abuse is a Problem

Research shows that as many as a third of all nursing home residents have observed or suffered abuse. Abuse and neglect can be:

  • Getting rough
  • Shoving

  • Yelling in anger or using harsh profane language

  • Threats

  • Physical assaults

  • Sexual assaults

But it can go way further than this. Abuse and neglect can also be things like:

  • Bedsores
  • Infections

  • Not bathing a resident who requires assistance

  • Medication errors

  • Failing to send a resident to the hospital when higher-level care is needed

  • Falls and fractures

  • Head injuries

  • Prohibiting a resident from worshiping or visiting friends and family

  • Not providing necessary medical care

  • Stealing resident prescriptions

  • Withholding medications or care

  • Forcing residents to do manual labor

  • Financial exploitation or theft of resident property

  • Wrongful death


Keep in mind that it is free to talk to us, we never rush our clients, and you have no obligation.

  • If you chat with us and don't want to hire us, that's perfectly owe us nothing.
  • If we take your case, and we cannot recover money for you, you owe us nothing.

  • If we go to trial and lose, you owe us nothing.

  • If your consultation runs a bit long, you owe us nothing.

The only way we get paid for handling a nursing home abuse and neglect case is if you hire us, we agree to represent you, we pursue the case, and we recover actual monetary compensation for you and your family, whether by settlement or trial. So our clients take no risk when they hire us.

How is the Case Paid For?

Clients always worry about how they will cover the cost of all that goes into pursuing justice. We pay in advance for all costs and expenses like court fees, experts, and records. Our clients never have to come up with this cash. And if we ever lose a case, we just write-off that investment. If we succeed, then we are reimbursed from the client's award or settlement. But you'll always know how it all breaks down long before you ever agree.


With absolutely no risk, no obligation, and no charge to speak with a lawyer about your case, be sure to give us a ring soon. Illinois has a strict statute of limitations on these cases, and if you miss the deadline, there's nothing any lawyer can do for you. You can reach us day or night 365 days a year by calling (618) 515-5555 or just visiting our website and shooting us a message there. You can also e-mail “[email protected]."

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