Justice Re-imagined


Jaye R. Lindsay

Attorney At Law

“People deserve to know exactly what they are getting when they hire a lawyer. That includes what they will pay, how they will pay it, and what to expect in return. No smoke and mirrors, no hype, and no fast-talk. Hire us and you will never want to work with another law firm again.”

Our founding attorney has collected millions in compensation for his clients over the past decade and successfully defended hundreds of accused individuals in criminal matters. Throughout his career, he has published numerous articles and educational programs for fellow lawyers, presented lectures, and successfully taken cases to trial in criminal, civil, probate, and family courts statewide. In fact, Jaye has represented clients in more than 50 counties. That’s over half of all the state courts in Illinois!  He serves as President of the Jefferson County Bar Association and is recognized by peers and clients alike as one of the most versatile lawyers in the region. Jaye has three young daughters and a Gecko named Rick. When he’s not fighting for clients, he can be found riding his Harley or spending time with old friends from his military days.

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Joshua D. Jenkins

Office Manager

“Stepping into the office is like walking into your best friend’s house. It’s not an office; it’s a creative space for solving problems. Whether it’s the first phone call or the tenth time stopping by to ask a question, the client’s comfort and peace of mind are the most important thing.”

Josh served for 10 years in the U.S. Army as both an Airborne Infantryman and an electrical subject matter expert, all while obtaining his Baccalaureate, Summa Cum Laude, in legal studies. Later, he worked in the Cannabis industry as a business consultant, vaporization-product expert, and advocate, pushing for social justice and reforms nationwide. For years, Josh worked to promote the cause of Cannabis legalization and proper business practices within the industry, especially for disabled veterans and others with medical needs. He is a strong activist for veterans’ rights, free speech, and government transparency. Now, Josh uses his experience to run our office and keep things going smoothly, so the legal team can focus on our clients full time.

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Veteran-Owned & Operated

Recognized as a 100% veteran-owned and operated business, Crossroad Legal is truly one of a kind in the region. Both the founding attorney and office manager are service-connected disabled veterans. Both have served in combat as enlisted infantry soldiers. Our founding attorney served with the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan and East Africa from 2000 to 2004, including the historic Operation Anaconda. Our office manager served as a paratrooper in Afghanistan.

Our firm zealously represents veterans in appealing unfair VA disability denials and appealing negative military discharges. Jaye R. Lindsay has been accredited to handle cases before the VA since 2012 and has helped many fellow veterans obtain the disability compensation they deserve. Our firm believes in the motto “veterans helping veterans.” If you’re looking for an attorney who understands veterans and veteran issues, look no further.

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Free Consultations

Imagine asking someone to pay you for the right to sit down and find out what they’ll have to pay you! Silly?  Yeah, we think so too. Yes, we realize we give away some free time here and there. So what. Point is, we can chat with you a little and figure out if we’re a good fit. If so, great. If not, we can steer you in the right directions. Either way, we don’t charge for consultations.

Justice Reimagined

So, what do we mean by "justice reimagined?" Americans are increasingly exhausted by the complexity of otherwise simple tasks. Everything from getting groceries to healthcare have become insanely difficult. We are divided by politics, religion, race, and just about anything else that can be used to divide us. But ultimately, the average American still has basic legal needs. We need to make sure our bills are paid, we try to stay out of trouble with the law, and we want to make sure that if someone hurts us or our family, we have a way to be compensated and made whole. It's really that simple.

Of course, Americans also don't want to overpay, deal with jerk lawyers, or get stuck in contracts that rob them. So, just re-imagine the law firm that hasn't existed until now. 

  • Re-imagine a lawyer who gives massive discounts for police, first responders, healthcare workers, military and veterans!
  • Re-imagine a lawyer who lets you donate some of the money you get from a personal injury to a local charity of your choice, and then actually matches your donation to that charity with up to 10% of his fee!
  • Re-imagine a lawyer who puts all the prices right on the website so you can decide right upfront if you are ready to get help!
  • Re-imagine a lawyer who has people standing by to take calls day or night, every day of the year!
  • Re-imagine a lawyer who offers you the ability to sign documents online, pay with a credit card, and communicate by text!

Crossroad Legal is revolutionizing what a law firm can be. Everyday, we look for a new way to make you the client happy. It's all about getting you justice, but doing it in a way that makes your life easier, doesn't break the bank, and gives you complete and total transparency. Just imagine...a law firm that makes it easy to get help. 

Experience You Can Count On


$2.26 million for Florida Trucking Accident (co-counsel with Florida attorney)

Multiple plaintiffs were seriously hurt when a commercial vehicle struck their vehicle head-on. The at-fault driver had no driver's license. The parties reached a confidential resolution through mediation.

$210,000 For Bedsores in a Madison County Nursing Home

An elderly nursing home resident in Madison County, Illinois suffered from a deep and infected bedsore at a nursing home. The Plaintiff alleged that the bedsore was caused by poor staffing and a failure to provide the right amount of care. A confidential settlement was reached between the Plaintiff, the nursing home, a wound care nurse, and a local hospital.

Vehicular Burglary 2020 - Not Guilty Verdict

A man was arrested and charged with a Class 3 felony for burglary. The state alleged that he stole a vape pen from a vehicle parked in front of a retail shop. At trial, the state produced a video purporting to show the defendant in the act, and the defendant had a lengthy criminal record, much of which the judge allowed the jury to hear. After a 3-day trial, the jury found the defendant not guilty. The state's best plea offer prior to trial was 8 years prison.