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Should I Take a Probation Deal?

According to 2019 crime statistics from the U.S. Department of Justice, every year, over 10 million people are arrested by police throughout America. This amounts to roughly 3 percent of the entire U.S. population. It is important to point out that simply being arrested does not make someone ...
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St. Louis Sees Spike in Motorcycle Crashes in 2021

Motorcycle injuries are often deadly. It is very important to speak with an experienced biker lawyer near you.
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New Report Suggests African Americans at Greater Risk of Dying in a Car Accident

Black Americans are far more likely to be killed in a motor vehicle accident or pedestrian crash than white Americans, new reporting by NBC suggests. With more African Americans living in and relocating to urban areas and relying on public transportation, black Americans are at a far greater risk of being fatally injured by a car accident. Racial bias plays a strong role as well.
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How to Get Justice for Nursing Home Injuries

In a special report released in 2017, a truly shocking trend was exposed - a history of roommates abusing other nursing home residents. The report demonstrates that abuse by fellow nursing home residents has increased by over 50% in just the past few years. While people are generally used to hear...
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Helmet Laws in Illinois

There are no helmet laws in Illinois, but wearing a helmet is a really good idea. Your chance of surviving a crash is greatly increased when you have the right gear. Insurance companies will try to reduce your compensation if you are not wearing a helmet, but our office fights hard to preserve your rights, even if you choose not to wear a helmet.
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Free Consultations

All potential personal injury and criminal defense clients receive a 30-minute consultation free of charge. There is, however, a limited exception for jail visits. We will make a jail visit to any potential client currently in police custody within 2 hours of our office for a small travel fee. This will vary based on distance.


Experience You Can Count On

$210,000 For Bedsores in a Madison County Nursing Home

An elderly nursing home resident in Madison County, Illinois suffered from a deep and infected bedsore at a nursing home. The Plaintiff alleged that the bedsore was caused by poor staffing and a failure to provide the right amount of care. A confidential settlement was reached between the Plaintiff, the nursing home, a wound care nurse, and a local hospital.

Vehicular Burglary 2020 - Not Guilty Verdict

A man was arrested and charged with a Class 3 felony for burglary. The state alleged that he stole a vape pen from a vehicle parked in front of a retail shop. At trial, the state produced a video purporting to show the defendant in the act, and the defendant had a lengthy criminal record, much of which the judge allowed the jury to hear. After a 3-day trial, the jury found the defendant not guilty. The state's best plea offer prior to trial was 8 years prison.

$300,000 caps policy limits for sisters hurt in auto accident

Two sisters were hurt in a T-bone accident on a rural southern Illinois road. Both suffered serious injuries. The attorney obtained $150,000 in compensation for each, which was the maximum amount available under all insurance policies.

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