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DCFS Cannabis Lawsuits


  1. Have your children been in the foster care system at any time since December 2019?
  2. Has a caseworker, agency, or state worker used your cannabis use or possession against you to either take your children away or to keep them in state custody?

If you answer yes these questions, you may be entitled to compensation. Crossroad Legal is investigating cases where case workers and other state officials have ignored Cannabis legalization laws in unlawfully discriminating against parents with children in state custody. 

What the Suit is About?

There are many reasons why children may be taken into DCFS care. Whether it is active abuse, neglect, or a misunderstanding, the deck is already stacked against parents. Once DCFS gets involved, you should know that the state is looking to keep your kids forever. They have ZERO INTENTIONS of ever reuniting your family. If a caseworker tells you they are there to help, you should know they are lying. Caseworkers have one goal only - put your kid in a foster home and prepare for adoption. It doesn't matter how minor the allegations against you, they will use ANY reason to keep your children. 

Sadly, if you are a cannabis user, they will use this too. If you possess, test positive for, or even have a history of using cannabis, you should expect this to become a central theme in your juvenile court matter. The problem is, this is illegal. 

Why is cannabis an issue?

Effective December 2019, the Illinois General Assembly passed the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, which made marijuana possession and use legal, both for medical and recreational use. There are lawful dispensaries selling cannabis throughout the state. Use of cannabis has been decriminalized. In Section 10-30 of the new law, a provision was included that specifically prohibited juvenile court judges, DCFS, and case workers from considering use of cannabis as a grounds for any negative or adverse actions in a parental rights case. Thus, even introducing evidence of cannabis use is unlawful. Yet, judges throughout the state have ignored the law, choosing instead to do whatever they want. Caseworkers know about the anti-discrimination law, but they continue to violate it on purpose.  


Crossroad Legal believes that parents should not be subjected to unlawful deprivation of civil rights, especially when our government has passed a strict law saying that this conduct is unlawful. We are seeking clients who wish to file lawsuits against the state, caseworkers, and agencies who have allegedly violated the cannabis anti-discrimination statute. We anticipate that there will be large financial awards.

How to Join the Cause

There is no cost and no obligation to sign up. If you know of a situation where someone has ignored the law and unlawfully used cannabis as a basis for taking children away from someone, then contact Crossroad Legal today. Call (618) 515-5555 or complete a form online and someone will be in touch to discuss.  All cases are being handled on a strictly contingency basis. This means that our office only gets paid if we succeed in holding the state accountable and obtaining compensation for clients. Because this is a unique case of first impression, you are encouraged to call as soon as possible. Time may be limited. 

Free Consultations

All potential personal injury and criminal defense clients receive a 30-minute consultation free of charge. There is, however, a limited exception for jail visits. We will make a jail visit to any potential client currently in police custody within 2 hours of our office for a small travel fee. This will vary based on distance.

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