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Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Every client's case is unique. 

  • $210,000 Madison County Bedsore

    An elderly nursing home resident in Madison County, Illinois suffered from a deep and infected bedsore at a nursing home. The Plaintiff alleged that the bedsore was caused by poor staffing and a failure to provide the right amount of care. A confidential settlement was reached between the Plainti... Read On

  • $200,000 Fractured Arm in Rural Nursing Home

    A nursing aide at a rural nursing home carelessly rolled an elderly resident off her bed while tending to her. The fall broke her arm, requiring a surgery, which then became infected. Plaintiff was able to reach a settlement to resolve the claim without the need for trial. Read On

  • Vehicular Burglary 2020 - Not Guilty Verdict

    A man was arrested and charged with a Class 3 felony for burglary. The state alleged that he stole a vape pen from a vehicle parked in front of a retail shop. At trial, the state produced a video purporting to show the defendant in the act, and the defendant had a lengthy criminal record, much of... Read On

  • Vehicle Theft & Felony Theft - Dismissal

    A woman was arrested and charged with theft of paint supplies and a commercial vehicle. The case had been pending for over 2 years prior to the attorney taking over the case. Upon taking over the case, the attorney noticed discrepancies in eyewitness statements and police interviews. Within a few... Read On

  • Elder Abuse - Dismissal

    A woman was charged with abusing an elderly person for leaving the senior in her garage overnight in cold weather. Upon further investigation, the attorney learned that the senior had a long criminal record, which included fraud, forgery, and similar crimes of dishonesty. Despite no criminal reco... Read On

  • Arbitration Award 4 times Higher than Allstate’s Top Offer in Uninsured Motorist Case

    An uninsured driver backed into an elderly man, knocking him to the ground. He suffered a minor head injury with bruising and soreness. The client's insurance carrier offered to pay uninsured motorist benefits of just $4,000. The matter was taken to formal Arbitration, where the attorney secured ... Read On

  • Probation for Cocaine Possession w/prior murder conviction

    A man was charged with a class 4 felony for possession of cocaine. His criminal record included a conviction from the 1990's where he served 14 years in prison for murder. The defendant plead guilty to the cocaine possession, yet the attorney was still able to successfully argue for probation, de... Read On

  • $300,000 caps policy limits for sisters hurt in auto accident

    Two sisters were hurt in a T-bone accident on a rural southern Illinois road. Both suffered serious injuries. The attorney obtained $150,000 in compensation for each, which was the maximum amount available under all insurance policies. Read On

  • $90,000 Retroactive Disability Compensation for Veteran

    A veteran who was discharged in the late 1990's suffered from pseudofolliculitis barbae - a condition that causes inflammation and scarring of the hair follicles. The veteran could not shave his face without causing painful burning, rashes, and blemishes. The condition was related to forced shavi... Read On

  • $400,000 for Chicago area nursing home resident with amputation due to bedsore

    An elderly resident of a nursing home in the Chicago area suffered from diabetes and was on hospice, but the diabetes was well-controlled while living at home. Within 4 weeks of entering the nursing home, the care was so inadequate that he had developed a massive pressure ulcer on his heel. Physi... Read On

  • 100% Rating for Veteran Denied Disability for PTSD

    A veteran was denied disability for PTSD, because the VA argued his disturbances were merely a mood disorder and not PTSD. However, the veteran was already service-connected for PTSD at 0%. The VA failed to apply the law correctly, and the attorney was able to get his PTSD rating increased to 70%... Read On

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