About Crossroad Legal


CROSSROAD LEGAL was born out of a single inspiration. Formerly The O'Fallon Firm, our firm was inspired to rebrand and intensify our focus on real Americans and the real problems they face. For almost a decade, we've heard everyday citizens complain of the loss of rights, the fear of losing liberties, and the anguish that comes from not having a voice in the modern legal discourse. We know we can't represent everyone, and we are fine with that. We don't dabble in stuff we don't know. We won't waste your money by taking a case in an area we don't handle. We can point you in the right direction though. But we believe our best clients are as unbridled and fearless as we are, and we respect each client's uniqueness. Each person is a story. We all have stages of growth.

If you are at one of life's crossroads, we want to be your guide to the other side.

Free Consultations

Imagine asking someone to pay you for the right to sit down and find out what they’ll have to pay you! Silly?  Yeah, we think so too. Yes, we realize we give away some free time here and there. So what. Point is, we can chat with you a little and figure out if we’re a good fit. If so, great. If not, we can steer you in the right directions. Either way, we don’t charge for consultations.

We Come To You


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621 W. US Hwy 50
O'Fallon, IL 62269

All mailing and service accepted at the O'Fallon Office