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$90,000 Retroactive Disability Compensation for Veteran

A veteran who was discharged in the late 1990's suffered from pseudofolliculitis barbae - a condition that causes inflammation and scarring of the hair follicles. The veteran could not shave his face without causing painful burning, rashes, and blemishes. The condition was related to forced shaving over the years of military service, which aggravated the condition leading to hardening of the skin and scar tissue. The VA had denied the veteran disability for almost 20 years. The attorney was able to successfully get the veteran's disability approved and the rating was increased by 30%, giving him numerous additional benefits as well as more compensation.

Jaye R. Lindsay

MANAGING ATTORNEY. Jaye R. Lindsay is a distinguished attorney with over ten years in the courtroom. He began his career with a large medical malpractice law firm in downtown Chicago, where he spent several years representing nursing home residents and others who suffered serious or fatal injuries due to negligent care. His career took him into contested probate and guardianship litigation, as well as high-stakes personal injury litigation. Throughout his career, Jaye has worked for large firms and handled enormous caseloads. When he decided to start Crossroad Legal, his vision was a family practice that would be large enough to make a difference but small enough to remain focused on individual client experiences. Jaye focuses primarily on nursing home abuse, auto accidents, civil litigation, and criminal defense. He also accepts a limited number of divorce and custody cases each year. As the firm has grown, Jaye continues to remain actively engaged in daily litigation on behalf of the firm's clients.

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All potential personal injury and criminal defense clients receive a 30-minute consultation free of charge. There is, however, a limited exception for jail visits. We will make a jail visit to any potential client currently in police custody within 2 hours of our office for a small travel fee. This will vary based on distance.

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